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Joma Care and Cleaning

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Our Joma Jewellery bracelets have been incredibly popular since we started stocking them and it's easy to start a collection with all the gorgeous sentiments to choose from. 

The bracelets are silver plated which means their trademark silver beading is actually brass beading with a very thin sterling silver coating, so unfortunately they can tarnish. The more you wear your bracelets or if you keep them on while doing household chores, working or while you're in water, then the more likely they will be to tarnish.

But what can you do if your favourite Joma bracelets start to look a little bit worse for wear? Can you make them shine like new again? 

The vague answer is maybe. As the bracelets are only silver plated, if they are scratched by something stronger than the plating it can start to scrape off. In that case, the bracelet might not be able to be saved. However, if your bracelet is simply tarnished due to perfume wearing or having it on while you're doing the dishes, there are easy and quick fixes to the issue! 


Quick Fix no.1 - Soap & Water 

Now I know this sounds obvious but if you've just started noticing your bracelet looking a bit dull, this little trick can help bring some shine back! 

  1. Mix a gentle liquid soap and warm water in a bowl until foamy
  2. Place your bracelet in the foamy water and leave for several minutes, make yourself a tea, relax! 
  3. Take the bracelet out and give it a rub with a soft cloth
  4. Once all visible dirt is away, rinse the bracelet in warm water and make sure it is properly dried before popping back in your jewellery box. 

Quick Fix no.2 - Jewellery Polishing Cloth 

For this one, you might need to purchase a jewellery polishing cloth but it gives your bracelet an extra bit of TLC! 

  1. Use a quality jewellery polishing cloth and gently wipe the bracelet
  2. Make sure not to scrub! Wiping is better and gentler
  3. Repeat when needed or in between deeper cleans. 

Quick Fix no.3 - Deep Clean 

If your Joma is heavily tarnished and needing some mega care, this is the method for you! 

  1. Line a heat proof bowl with tin foil, shiny side up! 
  2. Add one tablespoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of salt
  3. Add enough hot water so that the powders dissolve and there's enough liquid for submerging your bracelets
  4. Fully submerge the Jomas in the solution for several minutes, you'll start to notice black and yellow flakes come away from the bracelets, that means it's working! 
  5. When the tarnish is mostly removed, take the jewellery out and rub it gently with a lint free cloth
  6. Rinse the bracelets in warm running water and dry thoroughly. 


Hopefully one of these methods works for you! Happy Cleaning!


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