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10 Ways to Cheer Up Your Bestie

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Has your bestie been down in the dumps lately? Maybe the January blues haven't left yet or they're having a tough time at the mo and you just want to see them cheery again but you're struggling with how to make that happen. We've been thinking about the things that cheer us up and we've come up with a little list! So here's 10 ways to cheer up your bestie! 

Put Your Feet Up 

a picture of a small lightboard with the words night in on top of a duvet next to a bowl of popcorn

Sometimes chilling out is all someone needs to feel like their normal selves. Why not host a cosy night in? Have your bestie come over in their comfiest clothes, watch all your favourite films, pig out on all your fave snacks and you could even open a cheeky bottle of wine. A night filled with all their favourite things will make the person you're cheering up feel so loved!

Let's Go, G.N.O!!

a neon sign with wording Girl's Night Out with the icon of a half moon and a cocktail glass

What could be better than getting glammed up and dancing the night away with your best gals? A girls' night out is the perfect excuse to just let your hair down and enjoy the moment! Plus, dancing releases endorphins in our brains which can create a feeling of comfort, relaxtion, fun and power so a night out is scientifically proven to cheer you up! 

Just Listen

a pencil drawing of two people sitting down, having a conversation

Maybe all your bestie needs is a listening ear. Letting them vent and being there to listen/support/offer advice is sometimes the best medicine. We can't all be therapists but friends can always be honest with each other and always be non judgemental to any issues. So let them let it all out and be there to pick up the pieces. 

Get that Anger Out!!

a person in safety goggles smashes something made of porcelain with a hammer

A different kind of venting for this one! If they're going through a really tough time why not let the anger of the situation take over! A Rage Room is the perfect place to take out your anger (and maybe smash a few things to pieces!) without causing any damage at home. Scotland's very first Rage Room is now open in Glasgow, you can find it at Hype Leisure, 72 Hydepark Street, Glasgow, G3 8BW and all bookings an be made at rageroomglasgow.com 

Bunches of Love

a florist in an apron holds a boxed bunch of flowers

Delivery! A bunch of flowers can be the sweetest delivery to receive, especially if you're not expecting them! There's so many places that do flower deliveries now such as Bloom & Wild, M&S, Interflora and Appleyard London. Guaranteed to put a smile on the face of the person getting them!

And Relax 

a dark room, lit by candles with rolled towels and a massage bed

Melt the stress and upset away with a relaxing spa trip. Indulge your bestie in a massage, let them sweat out the negative vibes in the sauna and clear away any frown lines with a facial. And since it's a trip away, you can enjoy it all too!

Coffee & a Catch Up

a round table with a plate of pastries and two coffee cups

More of a chilled day out than the girls night, a coffee date can be just what the doctor ordered. Perfect for quieter chats over sweet treats, you could even add in some good old fashioned retail therapy to top it off by having a wander round any shops roundabout the cafe! 

Sweat it Out 

a group of people stretch in workout clothing

Some people might think there's nothing worse than donning the lycra and getting some exercise in but it can be really good for your mental health! Much like dancing, exercise releases endorphins in the brain to make us feel better. So you could find a local Zumba, Boogie Bounce or Pilates class that you and your bestie can take together or even just spend a few hours in the gym together. It might be tough to start, but it's so worth it!

Change of Scenery 

a landscape photo of Largs seafront

A change of scenery can do a world of good. Being stuck in the same routine can make you feel trapped, bored and even a bit claustrophobic. So take your bestie away! It doesn't need to be a whole weekend, you could even escape to the sea for the day. A chippy and Nardini's ice cream by the sea in Largs could be enough to blow away those blues! 

A Little Gift..

Joma Jewellery bracelet on white card that reads Treasured Friend porcelain heart hanging on glass bottle, the heart is engraved with 'remember you are braver than you believer, stronger than you feel and smarter than you think' a wooden sign on a wooden background. the sign reads 'friends are like fat thighs, they stick together'

Did you think we wouldn't offer ourselves here? We have plenty of little pick-me-up gifts available on our website and in stores now. A little heartfelt gift with a thoughtful sentiment can go a long way to make someone feel loved and hopefully to cheer them up. You can shop our range of 'Cheering Up' gifts here or just have a nosy round our website for anything that you think would suit the situation. 


This is just a few ideas but we hope you can turn your bestie's frown upside down with one of these plans or in your own way! 

lots of love from Noah x

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